Geek Girls Unite Review

I received this book for Christmas and I have finally gotten around to reviewing it.  The book was fairly enjoyable and I liked reading it, although it has several flaws I would like to point out.  I think it is a valuable read to any “geek” or “nerd” girl because there are a lot of really good things in here.  I applaud Ms. Simon for going for it in this book, even though she missed the mark at times.

The book is divided into several sections, each one describing a particular type of geeky girl.  I like this format in many ways, but this is where the flaw of the book lies.  The first section was the fangirl geek.  I automatically knew that I fit into this category.  All of the descriptions in the chapter fit me perfectly and I could relate with it all.  I loved that feeling and really enjoyed reading the section on what kind of boy is recommended for you.  The problems began after this.  The rest of the geek girl sections were very specific, like Literary geek or Film Geek.  I don’t have problems with these types of geeks, but the chapters were not enjoyable for me because I had nothing in common with these types.  I was especially sad because I really love books, but I seemed unable to fit into the literary geek category because I wasn’t obscure enough and didn’t like very specific things.  Although the author gives a disclaimer about the book not including every category, the fact that it included some and not others made me sad.  Especially because the groups made it seem at times that this group was exclusive to those who had these interests.  I do not believe that exclusiveness is what being a geek is about.  I think we can all fit into different categories without having to be a specific way.

I still really enjoyed reading the book, and for those of us who fit into a category, that chapter will be very entertaining for you because all the references make sense to you.  I would say this book is more effective as a reference in which girls can look at certain sections, but not as a book to read all the way through.  I still enjoyed it while reading it, and appreciated Leslie Simon’s insight, so I will give this book a 3/5 for my book review.

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2 responses to “Geek Girls Unite Review

  1. I thought the book was actually very hipster-ish. I asked Ben about the movies, and he said that only one or two of them were actual film classics that anyone who admired film would have to have in their canon. The rest were really small, not well known movies, some of which he hadn’t even heard of. He then noted how the book said “Only these movies count” and talked up the praising of certain movies and how the masses wouldn’t understand how good they are. I noticed this while reading, too. Overall, instead of providing an encyclopedia for geeks it provided a “This is only for geeks, and if you don’t do it you’re not cool enough to be one” which is, in fact, the opposite of what being a geek is about. Since when would geeks, who know what it feels like to be excluded, exclude others for not liking the same stuff they do? Ew. (This impression isn’t helped out by the hipster glasses on the front page.)

    • So true! Like only the fangirl geek was about loving what you love. All the others were like “if you don’t like these books you aren’t a book lover”. Sounded to me like she put her own preferences into it A LOT

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